Posted by: kmgib | December 5, 2008

Travel Around the World

If you love travel as much as I do, you have probably asked yourself, “What is the best way for me to see as much as possible for as cheap as possible?” Well, here’s one way:Travel Round the World. I know that sounds vague, but there are hundreds of websites dedicated to helping you create your own around the world trip. Many offer set itineraries, while others let you completely plan your own dream vacation.


There are some trips as low as $899. This one includes New York to London, out of Istanbul to Kiev to Bangkok to Hongkong to Los Angeles or San Francisco.

This website lets you customize your own trip.


More around-the-world tickets.

If you are planning to do a trip around the world, here are some things you should know.


* Remember housing and food are not included in the Around the World tickets
* Plan your trip out as much as possible
* Plan for potential setbacks
* Create a realistic budget. We always spend more than we anticipated on vacation.
* Pack light, so you can buy a lot of souvenirs and clothes abroad.
* Spend time with locals and learn about the culture


* Be aware of your surroundings and remember to take normal safety precautions
* Adhere to local laws and customs. For example, there are some countries that have lashing as a punishment for chewing gum.
* IPanda has a language guide for Europe and Asia for your IPOD. This can be practical when asking for directions, etc.
* Check out books that have tips on traveling around the world, such as the Practical Nomad.
* Be open minded and step outside your comfort zone. I never thought I would eat Kangaroo or go to the bathroom half standing half squatting over a hole in the ground toilet in a restaurant.


* Make sure to have plenty of camera memory.
* Have a video camera too.
* Blog about your trip as you go, so people at home can see what you’re doing and know you’re safe. Also, your memory starts to fade after so many amazing experiences, so you want to record your trip as its happening.



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