Posted by: jwtarr | December 4, 2008

A New Pill That Could Solve Jet Lag?

During the course of our travel blogging we have talked about trips to China, Europe, Hawaii, and many other locations all around the world.  For many of us, the trip is exciting but the first day or two in a new time zone (and after flying all day or more!) leaves something to be desired.

Leave it to the brilliant scientific minds out there to create something that could prove to be the answer to jet lag.  The solution may be a pill created by an Australian scientist that serves as a sedative and also as a preventative to jet lag.  Now, this pill is only in experimental stages and would have a long way to go to be part of our daily lives but the prospect of what it could provide is very interesting!  Read on!

The scientists from the Monash University’s School of Psychology, Psychiatry, and Psychological Medicine led by Dr. Shantha Rajaratnam have developed a medication called Tasimelteon.    The pill helps with the natural ebb and flow of the body’s sleep hormone, melatonin.  Some industry analysts say it could be available within the next couple of years. 

The drug is under experimental testing by a U.S. Pharmaceutical company.  Phase’s 2 and 3 of drug trials have shown the drug is effective in treating “transient insomnia.”  In essence this is what they found:

“The drug was trialled on a group of 450 Americans and it was found that it improved the ability to fall asleep and then stay asleep when bed time was shifted earlier by five hours.

Dr. Rajaratnam says this is the equivalent of travelling eastwards and putting your clock back five hours, such as returning from India to Melbourne, or Dubai to Perth.”

 The research has been published but researchers say the drug will go under another couple of years of extensive testing.  Right now the two major side affects that may result at headaches and nausea.


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