Posted by: jwtarr | December 3, 2008

A Great Travel Experience and . . . Class?

I know a lot of my friends dream about going to Hawaii.  Many people still see Hawaii as an exotic paradise far, far away from the cold of Syracuse and Central New York.  But obviously for many people, Hawaii is home and for others its where they go to school.

For those of you avid travelers out there, I found a great opportunity for you!  You can go to Hawaii and enjoy the beaches while also studying to get a degree from the University of Hawai’i School of Travel Industry Management!


The school, fondly known as the “TIM” school, is located on the University of Hawaii at Manoa campus on the island of Oahu.  Two of the key degrees offered are a Bachelor Science in Hotel and Resort Management and a Bachelor of Science in Tourism and Travel Management.  The School was founded back in 1966.  It boasts 380 students “from all over the world.”  Find out more about the school here.



Juanita Liu

I know, it sounds too good to be true, right?  But the travel school at UH is a reality.  UH’s School of Travel just made headlinesin academia by announcing its new interim dean.  The new dean, Juanita Liu, will replace Walter Jamieson who spent five years at the helm. 

Liu told reporters that now is one of the most important times for leadership at Hawaii’s school of Travel.  She has been a professor at the school for more than 28 years.  The state’s tourism industry is seeing some of the its lowest profits in years as the nationally economic troubles continue.  Here’s what the interim Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs had to say: 

“The bottom line here is UH-Manoa is well aware of the importance of this program, which is one of a mission critical for university and also for the state,” said Peter Quigley, UH-Manoa interim vice chancellor of academic affairs. “Certainly since the economic crisis has come on, this is one of the pistons in the engine of our economy that needs to be well looked after. We’re closely monitoring the transition and are very concerned about health and growth and the well being of the program.”

If you are interested in the school check out the tuition fees.  It’s more than $30,000 than less to attend UH Manoa than it is to attend Syracuse University.  Tuition for an out-of-state undergraduate student is about $8300 per year. 


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