Posted by: cj | December 2, 2008

Journey into space for $95,000

RocketShip Tours announced today that it will begin selling rides into space for $95,000 per flight. In 2010, participants will fly 37 miles above Earth aboard the Lynx, a two-seat suborbital vehicle, which takes off and lands like an airplane, and is fully reusable.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Lynx will carry a pilot and passenger into space up to four times a day to see “the awe-inspiring view of the curvature of Earth, the thin blue mantle of the atmosphere below, and inky blackness of space above.”

A $20,000 deposit starts the process of assigning passengers to a training and qualification program. The $95,000 includes the Lynx flight, and a five night stay at a luxury resort during health screening and life support system and flight training. Participants will receive an HD DVD recording of their flight experience and other souvenirs after their flight.

The company has already taken 20 reservations.


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