Posted by: kmgib | November 30, 2008

Staying Healthy While Flying

For everyone who’s been on an airplane, especially on long flights, you know how dirty you feel after flying. The recirculated air in planes is also not healthy, plus you might end up sitting next to someone who is coughing and sneezing the entire flight. So here’s a few tips to stay healthy while traveling.

* Drink Plenty of Fluids. You will feel better, your body will be better able to fight of diseases, and it’s easier to get over jet lag. Dehydration weakens your immune system.


* Shower after flying.

* Avoid caffeine and alcohol.


* Take frequent walks up and down the aisles to keep your blood moving.



* Put lotion and lip balm on to hydrate your skin.

* Wash your hands frequently. Keep antibacterial in your bag.


* Bring face wipes to clean your face with.


* Relax. Bring your ipod or MP3 player, an eye cover, and neck pillow, sit back and relax.



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