Posted by: jwtarr | November 29, 2008

Travel News Roundup

Canada beckons as exchange rate improves– Travel sites including CNN say it may be time to take a trip to Toronto.  With the U.S. dollar surging against the Canadian currency, it may be more affordable to go to Toronto than to a European destination.  Exchange rates show the U.S. dollar at $1.23 per Canadian dollar.  The city of Toronto is also touted as being cosmopolitan and hip.  Check out this condensed tourist’s guide from the AP posted on CNN.


Travel to Mumbai still in question– The U.S. Embassy said Thursday that Americans should “defer travel to Mumbai for at least the next 72 hours.”  The reports from the embassy said this warning had been put out because of media reports that suggest Americans are being targeted.  Between Thursday and Friday, the British High Commission and Australian High Commission issued similar warnings to its citizens. 

By Saturday activity at Mumbai’s airport was relatively back to normal but on a reduced schedule.  However, since Thursday, many flights have been canceled due to low occupancy.  Reporters on the ground say many Mumbai hotels are also reporting that they will not be accepting any new reservations until further notice and some restaurants in the city remained closed. 

Articles like this one, even talk about how business travel to India has been suspended by many U.S. companies.


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