Posted by: cj | November 26, 2008

Airport news roundup

Keep your valuables close—Two LAX workers were arrested on charges of stealing items out of checked luggage. More than 280 electronics, jewelry, designer accessories and other items, and $10,000 in cash were recovered by police. The handlers are suspected of watching TSA’s X-ray machines, then texting or calling baggage handlers, who would then remove the items from the luggage.

LAX is the nation’s leading airport in stolen items with 3,700 claims filed since 2001, totaling more than $300 million.  JFK is second and Newark is third.

Need two seats to be comfortable?—The Supreme Court of Canada ruled Thursday that people “functionally disabled by obesity” have the right to two seats without paying extra on flights within Canada.

Paperless boarding—By next year, fliers might be able to download their boarding pass to their phone or PDA, which will be scanned by TSA at security. The program is being tested at 10 airports and TSA hopes it will improve customer service, save paper, and make it easier to detect fake passes. Read Jason’s post for more info.

Airlines accused of using faulty scales—The Department of Consumer Affairs found that 14% of the scales at JFK and 4% at LaGuardia were overestimating the weight of bags by at least one pound. Some airlines charge $100 for overweight bags. Broken scales will be marked by a red “condemned” sticker.


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