Posted by: jwtarr | November 23, 2008

Facebook Travel Applications


E-Tourism is one of the new buzz terms out there and Facebook is getting in on the ground floor.  Facebook users can plan trips, boast about where they have been, and write diary entries about their favorite travels.  I took a look at the applications out there and made a short list of some of the more interesting applications.

1) Hostels– This application allows people to search and find hostels, rate them and add them favorites.  Then you can book the hostel with no booking fee thanks to


2) “Where I’ve Been”- The ultimate application in the boasting department.  Tell your friends where you are, where you are going, where you have been, and where you want to go.  It is one of the original travel applications and has more than 2.3 million users.  All of the information you enter is displayed on a world map and different colors shade in the countries you have been to.  About a year ago, TripAdvisor bought the “Where I’ve Been” application for $3 million.  Read the story here.


2a) “Cities I have been to”– Even before Trip Advisor had bout the “Where I’ve Been” application, it had started the “Cities I have been to” application.  This application simplies provides more detailed information on specific cities rather than just countries.


3) “Been there done that”- This application allows users than chance to tell their friends where they have been and what countries they have “done.”  Facebook users enjoy the cute nature of being able to say, for example, “I did Germany.”

4) Travel Diary- The travel diary application allows users to upload photos, meet other travelers and keep a daily travel dairy for their friends to read.  The down side of the app is that your friends must also be signed up for it if they are going to see what you write.

5) Video Travel Guides- offers a facebook application that displays video travel guides.

6) Trips– An application from that let’s you plan upcoming trips with your friends.

7) The Traveler IQ Challenge- Another shot at more bragging rights!  You will be asked to point out where famous places, cities, and travel destinations are located.  At the end of this virtual geography bee you are given an IQ and you can prove just how travel savvy you really are!


8 ) Journey Miles– This application allows you to describe past trips in great detail, create a trip map using google maps, even lets you link to photo albums showing you on your travels.


9) Currency Converter– Find real-time currency exchanges rate on this application by Oanda.


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