Posted by: kmgib | November 23, 2008

Car Check

Before heading out on the road for the holidays, it is important to check to make sure you’re car is in its best working order.


1. Check you tire pressure. Make sure you’re tires are filled to the specified amount. This will give you better traction in wet or snowy roads. You might also consider putting snow tires on your car.

2. Get an oil change.

3. Make sure you’re windshield wipers are working to their best ability. It would be a good idea to buy winter wiper blades. You can even buy heated windshield wiper blades. And to go along with the wipers, make sure you’re windshield wiper fluid is filled up. You can even make your own. When it’s snowing and cold outside, I personally like the de-icing washer fluid. It costs a little more, but it’s worth it.

Winter Blades

4. Check your battery. Make sure all the connections are good, and check for corrosion.

5. If you have a 4-wheel drive vehicle, make sure it’s working properly.

6. Have an emergency kit in your car. Include:blanket, boots, gloves, extra clothes, extra water and food, ice scraper, small shovel, flares, jumper cables, first air kit, and sand (or other abrasive material that can serve as traction if you get stuck)


7. Make sure you’re spare tire is in the car and has air in it.

8. Check your antifreeze mixture. It should be half water and half antifreeze.

9. Keep your gas tank at least half full at all times to keep lines from freezing. It is also recommended to put de-icer in your gas tank.

10. Have Lock de-icer in case your locks freeze.


Drive safely!



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