Posted by: jwtarr | November 22, 2008

Going South, Part II: Mobile, Alabama

Here is the second installment on my series on heading to the U.S. South.  Having been born in Virginia, I still have that southern blood.  After telling you about Louisville, Ky., it’s time we head even further South to one of my favorite gulf cities: Mobile, Ala.

About Mobile

Mobile, Alabama is a vibrant city situated on the Gulf of Mexico where more than 250,000 people call home.  Mobile became a city back in 1702.  What most people don’t realize is that Mobile is actually home to the oldest Mardi Gras celebration– a celebration that began back in 1703.  If you are in town in February or March, check out one of the “craziest” Mardi Gras parties on the Gulf Coast.

It is a city rife with Civil War history, museums, and war relics.

Mobile was one of the areas hit hard bit Hurricane Katrina and has been rebuilding ever since.  But, its Southern charm and beauty keeps visitors coming back year after year.  The attractions below attract visitors from all around the world.

Use this link,, to view a six-minute video on Mobile’s best features.

Where to go

1) USS Alabama

The USS Alabama is parked in Mobile Bay and symbolizes Mobile’s history.  The battleship sits next to the USS Drum submarine.  The USS Alabama was comissioned for duty in World War II and was retired in 1947.

2) Antebellum Homes

Antebellum homes, like the Oakleigh Mansion above, can be found all over Mobile.  These old homes sit juxtaposed to newer Southern style homes to provide a beautiful landscape in the city’s residential areas.

3) Bellingrath Gardens

The Bellingrath Gardens are a sprawling 65-acres of floral beauty.  One of the biggest features are the daffodils.  It is a National Historic Place and is open from 9am to 4pm daily.

Where to Stay

Three hotels are located in the heart of downtown and favorite places for Mardis Gras vistiors to lay their heads at night.

Adam’s Mark– (1-800-444-ADAM) located on South Water Street

Ramada Inn– (1-800-692-6662) located on Church Street

Holiday Inn– (1-800-333-3333) located on Government Street


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