Posted by: jwtarr | November 21, 2008

Can I take the . . . um . . . Turkey on board?

What to bring and how to bring it

Thanksgiving Travel: What to bring and how to bring it

I spend a lot of the little free time I have reading travel stories online (as I dream about a nice getaway myself!).  Today, I came across a story that actually made me smile. 

I read a story in the Washington Post about what Thanksgiving items you can actually bring on-board a plane with you.  I’m not talking the center piece for the table or the yam saucer.  But what about the cranberry sauce, the pumpkin pie, or a whole turkey?  The article made me smile because I have never thought of bringing a turkey on board but from the research I have been doing today, apparently there are a bunch of people out there who have!  Here is a snapshot of the current Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) rules:

Bringing the cranberry sauce, jelly, or rice pudding to the party?

-As the Washington Post says, “If it jiggles, wiggles or dribbles” the Transportation Safety Administration is not letting it on board- not in your carry-on anyway.  You can place those items in your checked baggage but make sure you wrap them in bubble wrap or pack clothes around them.

How about a Pie?

– As long as it’s in a crust its O.K.! 

I personally love apple crisp and I found a nice recipe online the other day.  It receives five out of five stars from the audience.

Can I take that frozen turkey on board?

-Well, yes you can, actually.  But, the catch is that you may not use an ice pack or gel to keep it cold.  Ice packs are only allowed for medical reasons.  It may be a better idea to put that Turkey in a cooler in your checked baggage.  Or, better yet, why not order it and have it ready for pick up at your destination?

I found some tips online about how to order a turkey dinner online.  Also, there is a USA Today story that talks about how many people pre-order their turkeys and the numbers may surprise you.

Bringing wine on board?

-Due to the restricitons on your carry on luggage you probably shouldn’t try to sneak it in your purse or brief case.  Unless you are bringing less than three ounces of wine for your holiday guests, put it in your checked bag with ample bubble wrap.  There are many stores that even sell padded wine bottle holders.

For example, here is a cool travel bag I found online.

What if I am bringing gifts for my family?  Can I wrap those up?

-The TSA has the right to unwrap any package that it is uncertain of its contents.  So, its best to leave those gifts unwrapped.  One suggestion would be to wrap it in colored tissue paper and put it in a bag.  Then, if a TSA agent requests to search your gift bag, your hard work will not go to waste.

Find this information and more directly from the TSA website.



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