Posted by: Catie | November 20, 2008

Flying doesn’t have to be stressful

 Are you among the 4.54 million Americans planning to fly during the holidays? If so, the long lines, crying babies, and cancelled or missed flights may be a bit stressful.

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The Associated Press aired a video today that says passengers aren’t the only ones who get stressed.
Many airport workers also feel the frustrations of the holiday hustle and bustle.
Aviation consultant Tom Murphy gives tips on how workers can be resilient when travelers take their anger and frustration out on them. The AP video suggests travelers should think about how they, too, can be resilient during stressful times.
  • Stay calm. When someone’s voice rises, lower yours.
  • Give people the facts and be specific. Anyone feeling stressed wants to know now and feel as if you are focusing on their problem, not on something else.


  • Brainstorm options. Show others you can work with them and help them safely, swiftly and nicely. “A passenger isn’t upset because the plane is delayed; he is upset because he might miss a crucial meeting and lose an account,” BusinessWeek wrote in its article, “Three Steps to Calming Angry Customers. “An effective communicator will brainstorm alternatives with the passenger like helping him find an alternate carrier. It’s at this step that the airport employee must own the relationship and find a solution to the problem.”

MSNBC also wrote a guide to stress-free holiday travel. Some of its tips include:

  • Get some sleep
  • Reconfirm your airline reservation
  • Arrive early
  • Travel lightly
  • Bring a survival kit with earplugs, an eye shade, healthy snacks, a charged cell phone and backup calling card, small flashlight, sanitizing wipes, entertainment and some extra cash.
  • Stay entertained
  • Plan for problems



  1. When someone’s voice rises, lower yours? Not my strategy.

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