Posted by: jwtarr | November 19, 2008

Jockey your schedule around and try Louisville

Destination Louisville


Louisville is a popular southern destination offering a vibrant college town atmosphere and boosting big horse racing events.

Louisville, Ky. is a popular southern United States destination and is a great college town with years of sports history.

This weekend the Syracuse University Women’s Field Hockey team will be traveling to Louisville, Ky. for the Final Four.  In the program’s 37-year history, the team has never made it to the Final Four. 

SU Field Hockey finished the season 22-1, 5-1, earning them a third seed in the NCAA's and now a trip to Louisville for the Final Four.

SU Field Hockey finished the season 22-1, 5-1, earning the team a third seed in the NCAA Tournament

I know many athletes, parents, fans, and media people will be traveling to Louisville to take in the action.  For those of you who are considering going to Louisville this weekend or maybe considering a trip to Louisville in the future, I have several attractions I encourage you to take in while you are there. 

I went to Louisville just two years and ago and I recommend the trip if you can find the money and the time.

Louisville Fast Facts

  • Population: 260,000+
  • Largest city in the state of Kentucky
  • Home to the University of Louisville- well-known for Cardinal football and basketball
  • Famous people who were either born or spent most of their lives in Louisville:  Muhammad Ali (Heavy-Weight Boxing Champion), Edwin Hubble (Namesake of the Hubble Space Telescope), Senator Mitch McConnell (Senate Minority Leader) 

Places of Interest

*Churchill Downs– Even if you aren’t a big horse racing fan, you may be able to appreciate the history of this track.  Churchill Downs has been home to the Kentucky Derby since 1875.

*The Muhammed Ali Center– The two-story complex features photos, multimedia presentations, five-screen orientation room, etc., all dedicated towards reviving the memory of Muhammad Ali and his cultural, religious, and sports legacies.

*The Lousiville Slugger Museum– Louisville is home to the famous Louisville Slugger baseball bat.  A six-story Louisville Slugger bat sits outside the museum and beckons to visitors to come inside.  One of the features at the museum is a re-created Dugout.

*University of Louisville– A co-educational, public university nestled in the heart of Louisville.  U of L is perhaps best known for its outstanding sports teams, especially football and basketball.  It is a member of the Big East Conference.


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