Posted by: kmgib | November 19, 2008

Family Lanes at Airports

Family Lanes at Airports? That’s what the Transportation and Safety Administration is experimenting with for the holiday season with increased air traffic. These lanes are designed to help lines at airport security run more smoothly and efficiently.


TSA officials hope the family lanes will ease pressure on parents traveling with small children, strollers, etc. There are also expert lanes designed for frequent travelers who know the routine of security and flying. The family lanes are being test out at 48 airports right now but are expected to be expanded to every airport.


More tips on traveling with children.



  1. With two little ones, that’s really good news to learn about. It’s probably not necessary here in Syracuse, but in the bigger hubs this would be a great help to alleviate any frustrations while trying to haul the kids and bags.

  2. If it’s anything like the “carpool lane” or the “family bathrooms” at Fenway Park, then these people are going to be taking this added precaution very seriously. Never mess with anything titled “family” or “lane” – they mean business.

    Great blog – will be visiting often!

    Suz (a.k.a. Lil’ Boozie)
    “3 Troopin’ Travelers”

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