Posted by: Catie | November 19, 2008

Deer Hunting Hotspots

Open deer hunting season officially began this week.

I know this because my husband is desperately trying to bag a buck. Fortunately he’s not traveling too far from home. And fortunately, he hasn’t brought anything home — yet.

But if you are an avid deer hunter, here are some great places to check out for that trophy buck…

1. New York, Maine, Vermont and pretty much every state in the Northeast are prime hunting destinations.

Since it gets particularly cold in the Northeast, the deer tend to be larger animals so they can conserve body heat. That means more meat and bigger antlers, according to my husband.


2. Further west, Montana is another hot location for hunting deer and elk.

Hunters may see quite a few deer in Montanta because there are wide-open spaces of undeveloped land – a perfect habitat for these animals.

3. Down south, Texas is a popular hunting location for deer because it’s warm and there’s lots of open, undeveloped land.

Another bonus for hunters is that the sun shines almost every day in that area.

The deer are smaller than they are in the Northeast, but at least there’s no snow, less cloud-cover and overall better, more comfortable weather for hunters.

4. Last but certainly not least, Canada, eh. (OK, I couldn’t help myself.)

Hunters love Canada for its variety of big game, including deer, bear, elk, moose and caribou.  And when I say, big game, I mean really big.


Since Canada is usually extemely cold during the fall and winter hunting seasons (a downside for some hunters), it also produces some of the largest game in North America. Moose can weigh up to or more than 1,500 pounds. 

For a worldwide hunting destination guide, check out Hunting Hotspots. You can find a state-by-state list of top hunting locations, as well as international hotspots in Africa, Argentina, Bulgaria, Canada, England, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Scotland, Sweden and Turkey.



  1. This is great hunting information. I can’t wait to book my trip to Montanta… just don’t tell my wife. 🙂

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