Posted by: kmgib | November 18, 2008

Scuba Belize for Spring Break

It’s time to think about booking spring break. If you’re looking for a warm location and love scuba diving and snorkeling, Belize is the place for you.

Belize is located in the Yucatan Peninsula.


How to get there. By air is the best way. And once you’re there, there are a variety of unique places to stay.

The scuba diving is unlike any other. And it’s shallow enough for snorkelers too. You can take day trips out onto the water to go scuba diving or snorkeling. You can snorkel and dive with nurse sharks and stingrays, as well as thousands of species of fish.


Check out the Scuba and Snorkeling video:

The Blue hole is the most infamous dive spot in Belize. It is only for advanced scuba divers. But there is plenty of diving close to shore on the reef. 


Check out a Video of Diving the Blue Hole:

When I was there, I was able to scuba dive with stingrays and nurse sharks. We also went on a night snorkel and a night dive, which is when the ocean really comes alive. I saw Morey Eels swimming around the reef, nurse sharks and stingrays sleeping, and more kinds of fish than you could imagine.



When I went to Belize, we stayed in Ambergris Caye, which has fantastic diving and snorkeling. On land, there aren’t any speed limits; rather, they have speed bumps every few feet to keep drivers from speeding. And the main street in town is covered in sand.


It is truly a unique experience in Ambergris Caye. The airport is a small one room building and the runway is barely paved, but it adds to the charm of what is Belize.


There are also a host of activities besides snorkeling and scuba diving. Belize is a good location to spend a spring break if you are adventurous and like scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking and other outdoor activities.



  1. Your trip sounds great. How long did you stay? How much were the flights and the accommodations?

  2. I went to Belize four years ago as part of my Marine Science class in high school. It was fantastic. I stayed for 8 days. The airfare and lodging were arranged through the school, so we got a group/student discount. I don’t recall how much it cost. But it was the trip of a lifetime.

  3. How are the beaches?

  4. There really isn’t much in the way of beaches. There are a few posh hotels that will groom a 15 foot wide patch of sand and call it a beach. But most of the beaches are not groomed and have rocks, shells and seaweed on them. So if you want to lay out and sun yourself, Ambergris Caye in Belize is not the place. Other parts of Belize might have better beaches.

  5. […] keeping with the topic of scuba diving in warmer parts of the world, Catalina Island off the coast of California is another amazing place […]

  6. I’ve been to Catalina Island–it is a wonderful place and the diving is great. The only problem is that the water is too cold.

  7. […] keeping with the topic of scuba diving in warmer parts of the world, Catalina Island off the coast of California is another amazing place […]

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