Posted by: kmgib | November 17, 2008

Study Abroad Travel on a Budget

Many Syracuse University students are getting ready to study abroad in the Spring semester. If you’re planning on studying abroad in Europe, here are a few tips to travel on a budget…

1. Fly Ryan Air or Easy Jet– They are discount airlines that fly all over Europe. But beware. Ryan Air flies into small airports outside of the cities you really want to go to. You might have to pay to take a bus into the city. Ryan Air also charges to check luggage and to check in at the airport. You might think, “Okay, I’ll do online check in.” DON’T! I learned the hard way that online check-in is only for European Union citizens. If you use online check-in, and you are not a EU citizen, the best case scenario is they just let you on the plane. The worst case scenario (as happened to me in Ireland), they deny you boarding, you miss your flight, and they make you pay for another ticket. Don’t take the chance, pay for airport check-in.



2. Hostels-Hostels are another easy way to travel on a budget. Often, there will be 20 people in one room. This is a great way to travel cheaply if you are traveling with friends. Talk to other people who have used hostels before, and ask which ones they recommend. Often, you can get a hostel for 15 euros per night, but there are certain stipulations, such as, you must have X amount of people, you must bring your own towel and soap, etc.

3. Orbitz and Expedia-These same sites that you use in the U.S. also have deals abroad. You can get an airfare and hotel package. It might cost a little more than a hostel and RyanAir, but it is much easier and more organized.

4. Create a plan– Plan out your trips on a calendar and how much money you are willing to allot to each trip. You will inevitably end up spending more money than you anticipated.

5. Know how to get your money– Does you bank at home have locations abroad? What banks are located in the country and city you will be in? HSBC bank is in most countries, but NOT in Spain. Travelers Checks are becoming antiquated and many hotels will not cash them, which means you have to find a bank that will cash them. Most people just take money out from an ATM. Every time you do that, however, you will be charged an international fee. Taking money out of an ATM is better than exchanging money at the airport because you always lose money on those transactions.


6. Create a budget before you go abroad.

7. You will go out to eat, drink, etc. Don’t forget to set aside money for this.



  1. i dislike easyjet ;(

  2. Good advice on checking in–as a US citizen–DO NOT use online checkin–check in at the airport with your passport or you could be denied boarding!!!

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