Posted by: Catie | November 17, 2008

‘Anything Goes’ party set during SU’s spring break

Syracuse University students looking for a wild adventure this spring break might consider this ‘anything goes’ party in Mossman, Australia.

The White Cockatoo resort is hosting the month-long nude

The White Cockatoo nudist resort owners Tony and Lenore Fox

The White Cockatoo nudist resort owners Tony and Lenore Fox

 party in March. 

SU students are on spring break from March 8 to 15.

While many college students go to places like Cancun, Mexico during spring break, this Australian holiday resort is trying to do what it can to lure visitors during a not-so-great economy. 

According to news reports, this “month-long, nude ‘anything goes’ party (is) to combat an expected economic downturn.” 

“Tough economic times call for stiff measures,” resort owner Tony Fox told the Courier-Mail newspaper. “We’ve taken the bull by the horns and it’s going nuts; we’re close to fully booked.”

A Reuters article said industry leaders expect holiday bookings to drop by up to one-third in early 2009.



  1. I wonder if the Nude Anything-Goes party combats the economic downturn by eliminating the need for vacationers to purchase expensive bathing suits and other fancy garbs?
    Although, the amount of sunscreen needed is increased.

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